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Chicken grit - Mixed Grit - 1kg Poultry grit

Mixed Poultry Grit 1 Kg

Mixed Poultry Grit 1Kg

This 1kg Poultry Grit pack aids digestion and improves egg shells. Mixed grit should NOT be given with feed but put out separately for chicken grit to be taken in as required.

Poultry grit should NOT be given mixed with feed, it should be put out separately for chickens to take in their own time. If poultry are free range they will use less than birds kept in runs.

This bag of grit should last 6 birds for more than one year. Small pieces of grit will be used to mash the food in the gut and the oyster shell in the grit will be absorbed to aid shell production on the egg.

We offer a great type of grit holder for this which will aid consumption and avoid waste. The galvanised model can be attached directly to the chicken house.

Our Price: £2.45

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