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6 Cream Legbar Eggs | Chicken House UK

6 X Cream Legbar Eggs

Cream Legbars are a easy to care for and are a good laying bird, laying medium sized blue eggs. They are the only auto sexing pure breed, meaning you can tell one day old males from females as the girls have much darker markings. Cream Legbars are a very friendly breed, always running up to greet, especially when they hear the rattle of the corn bag!  Why not add 700g Chick crumb to your order ready for your new chicks when they arrive. Or our 'special offer' Chick Starter Kit for all your chicks dietary needs (contains: Chick Crumb, a  feeder and a drinker). 

When your eggs arrive please open the special packaging and keep them at room temperature.  Let the eggs rest for a minimum of 12 hours, but at best it should be 24 hours.  This is ideal as it gives you time to set up your incubator.
Remember DO NOT SET eggs for at least 12 hours after they arrive or you may get undesirable results.

Our Price: £9.99

Sorry, this item is out of stock


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